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Encryption Toolkit

Data Encryption in Active Server Pages

 by Daniel Maddox, Jr.


There are many scenarios where implementing data encryption is necessary to safeguard data gathered via Active Server Pages (ASP). Whether you need to encrypt a password or an entire customer order, this article can help you quickly add data encryption to your ASP.

What You Need

To run the example in this article and add encryption to your own ASP, you will need the following:

  • Encryption Toolkit. The Nickellie Encryption Toolkit consists of COM components that make it easier to add data encryption and file encryption to your applications. Nickellie offers a free trial of the toolkit.
  • NCryptoWrapper. The NCryptoWrapper class is a simple wrapper class that extends the Nickellie Encryption Toolkit to provide support for ASP and data types needed in ASP. The NCryptoWrapper and its source code are available as a free add on to the Nickellie Encryption Toolkit.
  • Example Code. The example discussed in this article illustrates data encryption in a simple ASP page.
Detailed installation instructions and download links can be found a the end of this article.

The Example

To illustrate the use of data encryption from ASP, this article includes a sample ASP page that encrypts or decrypts data string. The ASP example uses the NCryptoWrapper class to encrypt or decrypt a string entered by the user. The encrypted string is converted to a "safe" string, i.e. a string that consists of only alpha-numeric characters. I refer to it as a "safe" string because it can be be inserted into a database, record set, SQL statement, or XML file without producing an error.

Letís take a look at the example. The example allows you to enter data to encrypt or decrypt in the Source field, select Encrypt or Decrypt, click Submit, and display the results in the Destination field.

Simplify Visual Basic development using the Nickellie Encryption Toolkit

The ASP page uses EncryptStringSafe and DecryptStringSafe. The page posts to itself, and the code to encrypt and decrypt the data can be seen in Listing 1. It would be fairly easy to extend this example to write the encrypted data into database or pass it to another object for further processing.

    'data was posted to encrypt or decrypt
    sourcedata = Request.Form.Item("source")
    'Create an NCryptoWrapper Object
    Set obj = Server.CreateObject("NCryptoUtil.NCryptoWrapper")
    If Request.Form.Item("action") = "Decrypt" Then
        'user selected decrypt, call DecryptStringSafe
        resultdata = obj.DecryptStringSafe(sourcedata, "password")
        'user selected encrypt, call EncryptStringSafe
        resultdata = obj.EncryptStringSafe(sourcedata, "password")
    End If
Listing 1


As you can see, the NCryptoWrapper class provides a simple but powerful interface for adding encryption capabilities to your ASP applications. The source code for ASP page and the wrapper class is included in the download of the project so you can adapt the example as needed for your own applications.

Additional Resources

Installation Notes

To install the examples discussed in the article, follow these steps:

  1. Download and install the Nickellie Encryption Toolkit (any Windows version). Learn more. Download Trial.
  2. Download the source code for this article which includes source code for the NCryptoWrapper class, the ASP example discussed in this article, and another VB example. Learn more. Download.
  3. Add a new COM+ application and add the NCryptoUtil.NCryptoWrapper component and the NCrypto component to that application. For step by step instructions, read our instructions on Configuring the NCryptoWrapper in COM+.

NOTE: To use the ASP example, you will need to install the Nickellie Encryption Toolkit on your web server and ensure that the web user has proper permissions to make calls into the Cryptography API. With some installations, this varies from the default settings. If the web user does not have the necessary permissions, the example will produce a string of zeroes for any string you attempt to encrypt. The most common solution to this problem is to grant access to advapi32.dll to the IUSR and IWAM accounts used by IIS. If you encounter this problem on your system and need assistance, please contact Nickellie.

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