This page outlines the services Nickellie provides to its customers. For more information, please contact Nickellie at your convenience.

Custom Software Development

Nickellie centers its custom software development around its core areas of expertise. These include Mobile and Wireless Application Development, Encryption Technologies, Custom Component and Control Development, and Web Development.

Business Process Automation

Nickellie has significant experience in streamlining and automating business processes. If you would like to streamline your existing operation, Nickellie can help you identify areas where improvements can be made, create or acquire any necessary technology to support the improvements, and implement the necessary changes.

Software Development Consulting

Nickellie has an innovative team that can provide a solution to any technical problem. If you are faced with a challenge and are unhappy with your current options, we encourage you to discuss your problem with us.

Customer Service and Support

Nickellie provides top-notch service and support to our customers. We encourage our customers to raise questions and pride ourselves on providing prompt solutions to customer needs.

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