Encryption Toolkit

File Encryption and Data Encryption Library for Win32 and Pocket PC

This encryption library includes all the tools you need to utilize data encryption and file encryption from within your applications. The toolkit includes COM objects with a standard interface for both the Pocket PC and Windows® desktop platforms. This enables you to use

Encryption Toolkit Nominated for Pocket PC Magazine Best Software Award
the same source code on both platforms for both file encryption and data encryption. Data encrypted with the library can easily be transmitted between Pocket PC devices, between desktop computers or servers, or between a Pocket PC and a desktop computer or server. This encryption library is ideal for standalone Windows® or Pocket PC applications and Client/Server applications.

Key Features

File Encryption and Data Encryption Library for Win32 and Pocket PC
  • Supports both 40 and 128 bit symmetric key encryption via the Microsoft Base and Enhanced Cryptographic Providers
  • Streamlines file encryption and data encryption in your application development
  • Decrypting a file requires the password used at the time of encryption
  • COM Interface simplifies encryption from Visual Basic, Embedded Visual Basic, Visual C++, Embedded Visual C++, ASP, and NS Basic/CE
  • Win32 Context Menu Extension makes file encryption from Windows Explorer a snap
  • Complete documentation with sample code helps you get started quickly
  • Supports Pocket PC 2002, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows NT, Windows 2000, and Windows XP


  • Necessary runtime and debug DLLs for all supported platforms
  • Complete Technical Manual in standard Windows Help format inluding a complete object reference and code samples
  • Sample projects in Visual Basic, Embedded Visual Basic, Visual C++, and Embedded Visual C++
  • Thirty days of free technical support via email
  • Nickellie Satisfaction Guarantee