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File Encryption and Data Encryption Library for Win32 and Pocket PCThe Encryption Toolkit includes 30 days of free technical support via email. If you like, you can purchase additional technical support from Nickellie for this encryption library. This guarantees you will always get the assistance you need and you will always have the latest version of the Encryption Toolkit. Additional technical support for this encryption library includes unlimited technical support via email and free upgrades for one year (beginning from the end date of your last support agreement or from 30 days after the date you purchased the encryption library). Use the link below to purchase additional support and upgrades for the Encryption Toolkit:

Item Price
One Year of Additional Support and Upgrades For Encryption Toolkit $69.95 Buy

If you have additional questions about the encryption library or the support Nickellie offers, please contact us via email at custservice@nickellie.com custservice@nickellie.com.