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What’s New

To conceive and create innovative Pocket PC Software and mobile computing solutions

Designed for Microsoft Windows for Pocket PC PocketRx and Encryption Toolkit Nominated for Best Software Pocket PC Magazine recently nominated both PocketRx and the Nickellie Encryption toolkit for the Best Software Awards for 2003. PocketRx was nominated in the Health and Fitness Category while the Encryption Toolkit was nominated in the Developer Library and Controls category. The Best Software Awards ceremony will be held on October 22, 2003, in Las Vegas as a part of the Pocket PC Summit and CTIA Wireless IT and Entertainment conference.

Release of PocketRx Announced

Prescription and Medical Information Organizer for the Pocket PC

Nickellie recently announced the launch of PocketRx, a personal productivity tool for Pocket PC 2002 and Pocket PC 2003 designed to organize your medical history, prescriptions, insurance policies, physicians, and more. PocketRx integrates with the Pocket Outlook Calendar and can remind you to take prescriptions on a schedule that you specify. PocketRx helps you keep every detail of your medical history at your fingertips. In short, PocketRx allows you to organize medical information for your entire family.

Nickellie Joins Windows Embedded Partner Program

Microsoft Windows Embedded Partner

Nickellie recently became a member of the Microsoft Windows Embedded Partner Program (WEP). WEP offers significant technical and marketing benefits that will help Nickellie continue to deliver quality, cost-effective products and services to its clients. Microsoft Windows Embedded Partner Program is a strategic world wide program focused on providing partners with benefits such as increased business opportunity, increased market awareness, and increased technology advantage. WEP strives to present new and exciting opportunities in the embedded space, to build stronger markets for partner products and services, and to enable partners to bring their solutions to market more quickly and with greater market exposure. Watch for news of Nickellie in the embedded space in the upcoming months!

Designed for Microsoft Windows for Pocket PC

Nickellie Encryption Toolkit Receives Logo Certification

The Nickellie Encryption Toolkit recently received certification as "Designed for Microsoft Windows for Pocket PC". The Encryption Toolkit is an encryption library for developers of Windows® and Pocket PC software. This encryption library includes all the tools you need to add data encryption and file encryption to your VB, eVB, VC, and eVC applications. The toolkit includes COM objects with a standard interface for both the Pocket PC and Windows® desktop platforms. To learn more about how you can use this exciting new Pocket PC encryption product to build Windows® and Pocket PC software, please visit the Encryption Toolkit section of this site.