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Prescription Manager for Pocket PC

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install PocketRx?
You can use the following steps to complete the installation process:

  1. Download the PocketRx installer.
  2. Connect your Pocket PC to your desktop PC.
  3. From your desktop PC, run the PocketRx installer to install PocketRx on your PocketPC.
  4. On your Pocket PC, you can now run PocketRx (Start > Programs > PocketRx).

How do I register PocketRx?
You can use the following steps to register your copy of PocketRx:

  1. Purchase PocketRx.
  2. After purchasing PocketRx, you will receive a Product Key via email.
  3. Open the Tools > Registration screen from the main menu of PocketRx.
  4. Enter your Email address and Product Key.
  5. Tap the Register button.

Which Pocket PC devices are supported by PocketRx?
PocketRx supports all Pocket PC devices including all Pocket PC 2000, Pocket PC 2002, and Pocket PC 2003 devices.

What is the .NET Compact Framework?
The .NET Compact Framework is the latest development platform for Windows Powered Smart Devices such as the Pocket PC. This new technology allows software developers to create a personalized, location-independent, and interface-independent solution for devices ranging from the personal computer to the Pocket PC to the Windows Powered Smart Phone. By building PocketRx using the latest tools and technologies, Nickellie has laid a solid foundation for current and future releases of the product. For more information on the .NET Compact Framework, refer to Microsoft’s .NET Compact Framework Overview.

Is the .NET Compact Framework installed on my device?
If your device is running Pocket PC 2003 then the .NET Compact Framework is already on your device. If your device is running Pocket PC or Pocket PC 2002, you will need to install the .NET Compact Framework if you have not yet done so. For the best results, ensure you have the .NET Compact Framework Service Pack 1 or later installed on your device. You can download the .NET Compact Framework Service Pack 1 directly from Microsoft.

Is there a help file for PocketRx?
Yes. The PocketRx help file is available online and on your Pocket PC after you install PocketRx. Depending on the type of Pocket PC you have, you will be able to access the help file on your Pocket PC in one of two ways:

    For most devices:
  1. Open PocketRx.
  2. Navigate to the screen for which you need help.
  3. Choose Start > Help.
  4. Help for the current screen opens.
    For other devices:
  1. Open PocketRx .
  2. Choose Tools > Help from the main menu in PocketRx.
  3. The main contents of PocketRx help opens.

Can I use the same Product Key to install PocketRx on more than one Pocket PC?
You must purchase a license of PocketRx for each device. When you purchase PocketRx, you will receive a Product Key for use on a single device.

How can I obtain a new Product Key to reinstall PocketRx?
To obtain a new Product Key, you will need to request a new Product Key.

How do I find the answer to a question that is not addressed on this page?
If you have additional questions about PocketRx, please contact Nickellie.

Pocket Application to manager your family medical information.
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