Track and Organize Prescriptions


The Prescriptions section of PocketRx helps you organize and track your family's over-the-counter or prescription medication. You can use this section to organize and track prescription or over-the-counter medication for yourself, your loved ones, and your pets. With a place for every detail about medication, PocketRx helps you keep the pertinent details of your medication at your fingertips. This includes dosage and directions, refill information, notes, reminders, and more. Keeping the details for all of your medications organized in a single location ensures that you will be able to find important information about your prescriptions when you need it. For more information on the prescriptions section of PocketRx, take a look at the Prescriptions section of the PocketRx Help File.

Keep the number of refills, the prescription ID, and the pharmacy phone number PocketRx. When the time comes to refill your prescription, you will have all of the information you need.

Pocket Application to manager your family medical information.