Track and Organize Prescriptions


With PocketRx, you can quickly create medication reminders that will help you remember to take or administer medication. Create a schedule and add medication reminders to your Calendar with the tap of a button. PocketRx medication reminders let you stop worrying and start taking your medication on time. PocketRx integrates with the Pocket Outlook Calendar to create medication reminders as appointments so you will be sure to remember your medication. PocketRx scheduling options include options such as "Every X Hours" and "X Times Per Day" that extend the scheduling options provided directly by Pocket Outlook. When you schedule a prescription, PocketRx creates medication reminders as appointments in your Pocket Outlook calendar. Scheduled prescriptions are automatically displayed on the Today screen and, if you choose, can pop up a reminder.

For more information on PocketRx prescription reminders, take a look at the Prescription Reminders, About Prescription Schedules, and Prescription Schedule Fields topics in the PocketRx Help File.

After you add prescriptions to your Pocket Outlook calendar, they can be synchronized with the calendar on your desktop computer. All medication reminders created from PocketRx appear in the category PocketRx.

Pocket Application to manager your family medical information.